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Friday, July 17, 2009

Beastie Boys - Hot Sauce Committee Part 1

Well into their forties hip-hop/alternative band The Beastie Boys (Ad Rock, MCA and Mike D) aren't done making music quite yet. They're about to release their eight studio album with an upcoming record called "Hot Sauce Committee Part 1", scheduled for release on September 15th, 2009. The track "Too Many Rappers" was recently debuted which features Nas as a guest emceee. Check it out on the YouTube still video below. Also on the album will be relatively new sensation, Santigold.

The Beasties will also be releasing some reissues including 1998's Hello Nasty as a two-CD or vinyl box set. The last album we heard from the trio came in 2007 but was only instrumental form on "The Mix-Up". 2004 provided their last full album with rapping on it, "To the 5 Boroughs" so this new one will be a much-welcomed treat for fans. Check out the full track listing below, as well as Smoking Section's interview with The Beastie Boys.

Track listing for Hot Sauce Committee Part 1:

01. "Tadlock's Glasses"
02. "B-Boys In The Cut"
03. "Make Some Noise"
04. "Nonstop Disco Powerpack"
05. "OK"
06. "Too Many Rappers" (featuring Nas)
07. "Say It"
08. "The Bill Harper Collection"
09. "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win" (featuring Santigold)
10. "Long Burn The Fire"
11. "Bundt Cake"
12. "Funky Donkey"
13. "Lee Majors Come Again"
14. "Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament"
15. "Pop Your Balloon"
16. "Crazy A** S***"
17. "Here's A Little Something For Ya"

Hard to believe these guys are still going. It will definitely make the connoisseurs of their decades ago "Licensed to Ill" product feel old...

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