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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MTV's Real World Cancun Reunion

mtv real world cancun reunion
(Joey and Emilee erupt during RW Cancun Reunion)

MTV's Class of 2009 Real World Cancun was reunited once again on Wednesday night, September 16th at 10PM EST. Reality TV stars Ayiiia Elizarraras. Bronne Bruzgo, Christian "CJ" Koegel, Emilee Fitzpatrick, Johnna Mannion, Derek Chavez, Joey Rozmus, and Jasmine Reynaud. assembled in front of a live studio audience to get grilled over everything that went down while in Spring Break paradise, Cancun, Mexico. If you saw this season's Real World on MTV you saw plenty of fights, trash talking, hookups, cheating, backstabbing and other mayhem. The cast of this season's RW were also employed like most others, in a tough job working for Student City to help provide responsible fun for all those Spring Breakers visiting the area.

Of course all the hot topics were discussed including Emilee and Ayiiia's lesbian hookup, the various fights including Ayiiia, CJ and Joey, Joey spitting on Ayiiia's tacos, Ayiiia's cutting, Joey getting fired from Student city and forced to leave the show, Bronne getting kicked out of the luxurious Cancun pad, Christian's NFL tryouts, and much more. There was also the whole Pat, Jasmine, Johnna issue which was brought up once again as was the threesome including Pat, Johnna and Ayiiia, and the Ayiiia-Joey hookup to close out the season. Wow, did we forget to mention Ayiiia was involved in pretty much all the dirt and grime of Real World Cancun?

Maria Menounos hosted the show and wasted no time as she launched right into the Ayiiia-Joey hookup that ended the season. Joey said prior to the hookup he was making out with Emilee on the bus ride home, and went looking for her in bed but wound up with Ayiiia. The two admitted it was the worst sex of their lives when "hell froze over". Ayiiia mentioned she is now with a new girlfriend, Crystal, and is doing some modeling work plus enjoying getting multiple tattoos.

The next issue brought up a touchy subject: Bronne's Zombie magazine that Emilee tapdanced all over. Footage was shown of Bronne going off on Emilee, as well as some candid interviews with the roomies discussing how Emilee would be pissed if someone stepped on her stuff. Maria started to question Emilee, but she seemed to be offended and stood up then walked off through the audience in a strange moment.

CJ discussed his potential NFL kicking career and that he did some guest work on the show "Burn Notice". He mentioned he may have some modeling work lined up as well. They managed to get Emilee back to the stage with her talking about how she had wished Bronne had approached her if he held animosity towards her. Joey and Emilee got into a bit of a verbal spar with Joey telling her "get off her period" and Emilee coming back with a line about slapping him in the face with her tampon. The two continued going at it throughout the segment, with Emilee clearly upset by something Joey had said. Derek even said he didn't know this hostility existed and thought everyone left on good terms. Roll the uptempo Sony video camera ad with the roomies clowning around together....

They discussed the whole Jasmine and Pat situation which involved Jonna. Jasmine became emotional about the whole ordeal, but Jonna eventually owned up to "stealing away" Pat from her in a way and not being more upfront. Joey at one point said Pat was only doing all this to be part of the show and that he never liked Pat. Jonna admitted that she's currently trying to work things out with Pat, and that they are dating post-Real World.

Jonna has been working at Cadillac Ranch as a bartender while also working towards being a hairstylist, and Joey is enjoying newfound success with his band. Joey had to leave the show early due to being on tour with his band. Bronne is currently bartending and working out since he gained around 30 pounds in Cancun. They rolled a sneak peak of "The Ruins" which premiers September 30th at 10PM.

There was a huge surprise as well. Well a few...First off, it was revealed that Ayiiia and Jonna were not on speaking terms, since Aayiiia felt hurt because Jonna led her on to have the threesome with she and Pat. The "big surprise" was when the band (made famous in Cancun) LMFAO came to the studio to make a special visit. They showed their video "La La La", which features Jonna in the role of "cutie with a nice booty". LMFAO performed their new single "La La La" live in a Real World reunion first to close out the show.

See LMFAO's La La La Video featuring Jonna of Real World Cancun

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