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Monday, September 14, 2009

Jay-Z & Alicia Keys at 2009 MTV VMA's

lil mama on stage with jay-z mtv vma 2009
(Lil' Mama on stage with Jay-Z, Alicia w/ the WTF?)

Whether Jay-Z was fashionably late or it was just part of the show, the rapper closed out the strange, controversial and interesting 2009 MTV VMA's with a hardcore rap performance. Jay-Z took to the stage after MTV continually announced he was on his way to the venue several times. Possibly to build hype, or he really was late for the show. Still it was a spirited and boisterous performance by the duo of Jay's Blueprint 3 hit song "Empire State of Mind". Jay's wife Beyonce bootylicious self was shown dancing front row to the track.

Empire State of Mind Lyrics - Jay-Z feat. Alicia Keys

Question: What was Lil' Mama doing up on stage at the end of Jay-Z's performance? Notice in the video and pic above, Alicia Keys is wondering what the hell she's doing there. I'm sure she got a talking to later on. The one-hit wonder of "Lip Gloss" fame showed up to pose next to Jay and Alicia Keys following their triumphant performance on stage. Many fans and reviewers of the show believe maybe Lil' Mama was high, but more likely she just wanted her 15 seconds of fame as she isn't relevant right now. Even with last night's stunt, she still was less talked about than Kanye West.

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