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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ashley Lindley Playboy after Real World DC?

ashley lindley topless playboy real world dc
(Ashley Lindley ready to take it all off for Playboy?)

Fans looking to see Real World D.C. cast member Ashley Lindley naked might get their wishes granted. The current roomie on MTV's DC season of the Real World did a private test shooting for Playboy and was photographed by Mikki Chernoff before being selected to the Real World cast. So don't rule out the possibility that an Ashley Lindley Playboy spread could still happen. Ashley has admitted she enjoyed the test shoot and would do it again if she had the chance:

"They were incredibly professional," she continued. "[They] made me feel very comfortable and I had a lot of fun ... In my opinion, Playboy is a tasteful magazine that shows women in their natural form beautifully. I feel honored that they were even remotely interested in me."

(image source:

For now, Ashley continues as the feisty and opinionated brunette babe on the current season of MTV's Real World reality show. She was recently seen on the Wednesday Real World DC Aftershow hosted by Mark Long. Ashley sported a short and low-cut pink skirt, along with black boots and a big belt (in pics). She tweeted on her Twitter account she was happy with the feedback about her wardrobe selection:

I was so scared I'd get the "you're fat and can't dress" like last aftershow comments hahaha @msCALLIE about 16 hours ago

aww, I love that y'all love my outfit. To answer your ?'s: dress- wet seal, boots- steve madden, belt- H&M, hoops and some crimpin ;)

Ashley Lindley is currently 22 years old and has been at the center of at least three fights in the household so far. She had her first dispute with Mike, then one with Andrew when she accused him of roughousing too much (almost as if she was looking for drama), and then a more recent period of arguing with Erika. Ashley had Erika in tears on several occasions and at one point it looked like Erika was ready to leave the DC house for good.

ashley lindley real world dc playboy 1

ashley lindley playboy rw dc mtv aftershow

They also discussed on the DC Aftershow the hot topic of who may have had sex in the DC house, with host Mark Long suggesting maybe Mike and Lindsey had sex. The duo was a bit secretive and non-responsive in terms of giving a clear answer, but Ashley noted on her Twitter profile that they'll reveal their answer on the DC Reunion show...Stay tuned for whether or note there's an Ashley Lindley nude Playboy pictorial waiting to be published in the tradition of other former MTV femme fatales who have graced the mag's pages.

See: "RW: DC's Ashley Admits She Did Try Out for Playboy!" here at

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Blogger yourenosey said ... (3/25/2010 5:24 AM) : 

Who in their right mind wouldn't want to see her in playboy? She's so hot


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