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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Real World DC cast boring? Fresh Meat up next!

(Callie gets topless on Real World DC finale)

Wednesday night saw the sad? conclusion to yet another season of Real World. It seemed to fly by, because these kids were just having too much fun. According to a recent article at Gawker, that's all they've been doing lately. Drinking, having sex and panda-ing or pandering to the camera. At least on the upcoming return to New Orleans season someone's tooth brush gets pissed on and the cops are called in to investigate. Not sure if it's Puck's son, or a new hellraising cast member.

The latest show was set in our nation's capital, to try to show us that some people are concerned with issues. When the DC series first started, there was no mention of any internships or the roommates being required to get a job. That's because they didn't have to this time around. Maybe it's because in Cancun we saw one roommate get canned for not working, and another kicked out of the apartment for horsing around. Still, both found their way back into the show.

But let's not digress. Let's sum up what we saw and might have learned on the Real World DC from the characters:

The only roommates who really seemed to score bigtime were the goofy kid, Josh and Ty when Emily was giving it up. Otherwise we didn't really see Erika, Ashley or Callie get much action. The Vegas cast must have shut their TV's off halfway through this season.

Emily and Ty were really into each other but couldn't have a relationship because Emily can't figure herself out so she pushes people away. She translates that into some sort of animosity towards Ty due to her sexual frustration, but then blames him, when after all he was the one who revealed his true feelings about their relationship.

Ashley is the "realest" one in the house because she can be a bitch and tell everyone what's up. But she has deep issues and cries when she can't stand the heat. She may have been the main reason that Erika left the house.

Erika is just like Ashley, she fights depression, but she just can't stay in the house. She wasn't happy there and she didn't develop any close enough friendships to really stick it out. The roomies get pissed because they think she just can't live without her boyfriend and is being whiny. Ashley is the biggest instigator of them all though and keeps pushing Erika. Finally, Erika decides to leave the place early (two weeks before the show ends which is probably a month or so real life time) to go be with her boyfriend in Cleveland. According to the RW Reunion show she did pretty well for herself in Cleveland after leaving.

Mike let us all know just where he was at sexually, or did he? One minute he's in love with Tanner, the next he's making out with Ashley, or Callie, or finds some guy at the club "irresistible". On the final episode, Mike made his greatest victory speech of all, as a big step towards politics when he told a blurred out citizen wielding anti-gay signs how he felt, and tried to make peace. Good thing Mike's dad was with him, he had his back. We saw countless examples of Mike beaming because he met some politician who told him he "had a future". Don't politicians tell most people that?

Callie likes photography and it's a very challenging career but she's going to be a bigtime photographer. On the final episode she sold some of her photos for a charity event and it was her defining moment of the season. That and when she had to go topless for RW Truth or Dare, making Ty and the male roomies go gaga. Otherwise she was pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of DC.

Josh is a bigtime rock-rap-star who can't sing too well, but can perform like the best of them. He found a band before the other aspiring singer, Erica. Josh had his first big show on the second to last episode of the season, and totally rocked it in front of his roomies and a crowd of about 100. He likes to wear black vests, skinny jeans and cool shades. Don't hit on his bisexual mom, even if you're a big dude like Ty, or he'll knock your ass out.

Andrew was the most un-funny panda-hat wearing roommate ever cast on the show. His schtick was drawing cartoons, acting goofy, raunchy and sexually awkward around girls. Yet, he was the one who ended up with a girlfriend while everyone else went home alone. Andrew also had a one show internship where he got to follow a real life newspaper reporter around and then draw a cartoon about their visit to the White House. The newspaper boss loved his cartoon, but we never saw him go back to work, ever again. He also got dropped on his head off a balcony by Ty, and Ty wasn't kicked out of the house, because Ty was like a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde with alcohol. The roomies held one of those serious meetings in which nothing really happened, except they all got to defer to the next roommate's decision.

Classic fights and feuds: Andrew & Ashley's pizza shoving match, Ashley vs Erika's tantrums, Emily vs Ty in the sexual frustration match, everyone versus Ashley...basically this season was not good TV for arguments or fights.

And with that we end this 23rd politically-charged season of the Real World. The roommates all attended a gay and lesbian pride parade on the final episode so it appeared like they did something. Who knows how many of the cast members would have survived if MTV made them work at a job again, but at least they weren't rewarded for their laziness with another free trip to Europe or Cancun.

That Fresh Meat challenge show will be starting up next Wednesday. On that one, the kids have to participate in actual physical tasks, but they're still allowed to call each other names, throw punches (that don't connect), drink and hook up. Stay tuned for more reality TV fun!

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