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Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globe Awards 2011 Winners & Show Recap

The Golden Globes went down Sunday night, as host Ricky Gervais took shots at everyone from Angelina Jolie to Bruce Willis to the hosting FHPA. One remark later in the night may have even cost Ricky Gervais further qualifications, as the HFPA president responded to Gervais' remark that the HFPA took bribes for "The Tourist" to be nominated for anything.

Nonetheless, despite some of the jabs at Angelina, Bruce and Downey Jr., the show went on and Golden Globe award winners were made for the 68th annual edition. Winning the Best Picture awards were "The Social Network" for a Drama and "The Kids Are All Right" for Best Musical or Comedy. Aaron Sorkin won an award for his "Social Network" screenplay while its director also grabbed an award. Colin Firth picked up the Best Actor in a Drama award for "The King's Speech." Natalie Portman won the Best Actress Award for a Drama for her dark performance in "Black Swan."

In television, "Glee" won a slew of awards, while "Boardwalk Empire" saw Steve Buscemi win his first ever Golden Globe. Also on the night, Robert DeNiro was given an achievement award presented by Matt Damon. DeNiro joked that he enjoyed Damon's appearance in "The Fighter," after Damon's introduction included Matt recalling various DeNiro films and then delivering lines by other actors in the movie.

A who's who in Hollywood made up the audience which featured Clint Eastwood, Brad and Angelina, Tom Hanks and an interesting table arrangement where Jimmy Fallon sat with LL Cool J and Diddy. As for presenters, everyone from Megan Fox to Justin Bieber to Robert Pattinson and even Jane Fonda were on stage. Fonda made her first appearance there in over 25 years. Also upcoming superhero stars "Captain America" and "Thor" shared the stage as well as Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans presented.

All-in-all, it was standard format for the Golden Globes 2011 award winners, as they followed suit from the Critics Choice Awards and will likely carry over to Oscar wins. Ricky Gervais certainly made his share of remarks to keep people buzzing after the event, but he may have to wonder about his friendships and potential work in the wake of some of those quips.

See all of the Golden Globes winners for 2011 at the official website here.

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