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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What the World Needs - Rebirth of Hip-Hop

Ok so now their differences have been reconciled, contracts signed, production has been done and 2 new albums have been released. Jay-Z and Nas are still at the top of their games and both released strong/semi-strong albums at the end of 2006. But for the future, these 2 need to drop a collab album. No Jay-Z/R Kelly or Nas/Kelis albums. I'm talking the 2 top emcees in hiphop today, Nas and Jigga, 10 plus tracks collaborating together. It's a classic rap album just by us even imagining the concept.

We've already been witness to the greatness of these 2. Each rapper has 2 "Source-awarded" hip hop classic albums and many others amongst various heads debating these guys. Jay-Z sampling Nas' classic "I'm out for dead presidents" line on his cut "Dead Presidents II". And after years of releasing their own works, worlds apart, yet worlds ahead of the competition, these 2 combine their forces on "Black Republicans", a masterpiece of a track off Nas' latest cd, "Hip-Hop is Dead, The N". Hearing the grand symphonic beat backing these 2 as they unite finally and give hip hop what it deserves only makes us want more.

It would be the greatest gift to hip hop, name it "Rebirth of Hip-Hop". Strictly Nas and Jay. They can have some R&B hooks, we'll give them that. Production from the likes of Dre, Premo, Kanye, Pharrell, Tim. Only the best for them. And if that doesn't go multi-platinum then there was a mixup at the album cover-printing factory or in the promo department. But this is what hip hop needs and is truly deserving of.

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