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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Reality MTV

MTV has two newer reality shows (when will they be changing to R-TV?), in "Rob & Big" and now tonight's premier of "24/7". Both are interesting and might provide some entertainment..

"Rob & Big" seems like the brainchild of rapper Lupe Fiasco, in that its got parts hip-hop, parts skater. It features Rob Dyrdek, a famous pro skater (who I really hadn't known much about til this), and his big black bodyguard who they nicknamed, "Big Black". Big Black is there to ensure that Rob stays out of harms way, but from what I've seen so far, the 400 pounder is more of a punching bag and comrade then a bodyguard. The episodes have featured everything from buying a new pet, a pitbull, to trying to teach it to skate, to the duo of Rob & Big hitting up EA sports in Canada to do some video game motion for a new skate game. It's got parts interesting, parts crude, and parts mindless, but that is what TV offers nowadays.."Rob & Big" is on MTV at 10:30PM EST, Thursdays.

"24/7" debuts tonight and features an "Entourage" like reality show in which several guys have banded together out in Los Angeles/Hollywood to try to make it big. You've got the musician, the player, the promoter, the manager, etc etc. It's a Real World Entourage, but could provide interesting on many levels. Not so much the silly interactions that will occur or the drama, but maybe more of the clever marketing or money ideas these guys engage in. Should be interesting to find out and may be helpful for anyone aspiring to "make it big". 24/7 is on MTV at 10:30 pm EST, Wednesdays.

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