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Friday, December 08, 2006

Seasons Greetings from Jim Jones

Jim Jones, a mystery in the rap world these days. He has a hot song that everyone mimics the "ballin" concept from, from clubbin girls to the New York Giants with their celebrations. To the point Jones even recorded a New York Giants version of the track.

But besides that, battling Jay-Z might be career mistake #1. Career mistake #2, releasing a Christmas album. Sure people will buy it off the fact its got another remix of "We Fly High" for people to check. But when a track is called "Have a Happy Christmas", you start to question the guys street cred, alot.

Here's the tracklist for Jim Jones' "Dipset Christmas" album. Happy Holidays..

1. Dipset X-Mas Time - Jim Jones, , Stack Bundles
2. Have a Happy Christmas - Stack Bundles
3. Wish List - Jim Jones, , Stack Bundles
4. Ballin' on Xmas - Jim Jones, Stack Bundles, J.R. Writer
5. If Everyday Was Xmas - Jim Jones, , , Stack Bundles
6. We Get Money - Max B., , Jim Jones
7. Too High - Max B., , Jim Jones
8. City Boys - Jim Jones, ,
9. We Fly High [Remix] - Jim Jones, T.I., ,
10. Letter to the Game - Max B.

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