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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Kanye vs Knievel

I think Kanye's "Touch the Sky" video is one of the better rap videos made in a while. I mean at least he doesn't go for the glitzy glamour look with rap video girls stationed around a pool, or tons of champagne and packed clubs. He's beyond that.

Now I don't approve of Kanye running on stage to whine at the European MTV video awards. First off, big deal, you lost, its the European video awards. Unless it was staged, the episode was totally unnecessary. Given the video that won wasn't exactly brilliant, there's still no need to complain, your awards will come.

Evil Knievel apparently has taken issue with the canyon jumping part of Kanye's "Touch the Sky" video, and is suing on behalf of his name. Knievel is going on 80 years old and isn't about to jump any canyons any time soon, so why not profit from someone else imitating his stunt. Now usually imitation is a great form of flattery but in this case it's more so. To me that just looks like a way for a "has-been stunt legend" to reap some profits now that he isn't performing stunts any longer. The act in Kanye's video doesn't disrespect Knievel, so I'm not sure why there is even a suit. What's next, Mel Gibson suing Dre & Pac for "California Love" where they re-enact Mad Max's Thunderdome? Brad and Angelina suing Busta for the "I Love MY Chick" video which stole from "Mr & Mrs Smith"? It's common for rap videos to mimic movies and other life events, and some go the distance to mock them. I don't believe Kanye has done this, but as we live in a get-rich however you can society, even former celebs will try their best.

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