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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The White Rapper Show

VH1’s latest foray into the hip hop world is “The White Rapper Show”. A show hosted by MC Serch with a reality series contest for 1 lucky aspiring white rapper to make it.

I caught a recent episode. The contestants live in “The White House”. On this episode host MC Serch took the contestants on a correctional bus tour of the Bronx, where they visited the first apartment complex that DJ Cool Herc threw the 1st hip hop party at. They got to hang with members of the original Zulu nation and participate in a breakdance session.

One of the most shocking parts of this show involved a game-show held in front of a church congregation. DJ Caz hosted the show in which hip hop sound clips played briefly and contestants had to buzz in to name the artist and song title. The lull in people not knowing the classic song “Run’s House” by RUN-DMC had to be the worst of it, next to people incorrectly identifying Mobb Deep’s Shook Ones as Digital Underground. In trying to aspire to the genre of hip hop, you better recognize the pioneers and those who paved the way with classics.

I guess VH1 is going for the controversial hip hop angle. Is this entertainment, mockery or a grand attempt to broaden hip-hop’s horizons? While educational its also playing upon the notion that a white rapper is a novelty, and maybe in fact a gimmick.. VH1 should not forget Hip Hop Rule #278 on the White Rapper Show “ Always wear a belt yo..”

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