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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ice T - Centerstage

Gangsta Rapper turned actor, Ice-T, recently appeared on the YES Network's Centerstage. Centerstage is an interview program that talks to various local celebs and sports stars in the New York area. Why Ice T? Because of his current role on Law & Order: SVU and his show Ice T's School of Rap, also based in New York.

On the interview show Ice revealed some interesting things:

1- There was talks of doing a "New Jack City 2" talk but these talks died down because Ice-T was having trouble with the whole "cop killer" track and Rolling Stone cover he made. The studio felt it wouldn't be in their best interests to use Ice-T as an undercover cop at that time. Ice T said talks resumed recently but died down due to Wesley Snipes' legal troubles.

2-Ice T explained how he had to buy his own website, "ICET.COM" from a global defense company for alot of money.

3-Ice discussed the latest album cover where he poses nude on a bed with his wife Coco. Ice says he wakes up like that daily and wanted to show people "this is life".

4-Ice also discussed how he managed to get into the current role on SVU and loves playing the gritty street style cop he does. He says to come from where he has and now be in this role is a blessing.

5-Ice also said "hip hop is tough to do". He said he could teach the host to rap a little bit but he wouldn't be too good.

Ice included that he feels the problem with inner city gang violence could be stopped easier than the problems with the Middle East. He said it just takes billions of dollars invested to do so.

Ice-T participated in the shows final segment "Hit N Run" where the host fired rapid questions at Ice to find out his likes and interests:

Favorite Musician: James Brown
Favorite Movie: Reservoir Dogs
Favorite Actor: Harvey Keitel
Favorite Car: 64 Chevy
2 Things he'd bring to a desert island: his wife Coco and grape Kool Aid

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