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Friday, September 21, 2007

Jay-Z Album Coming Nov 2!

Hola Hovita, the superman himself Jay Hova will be back again with a new album and quickly. The Nov 2nd release hopefully will be an improvement on his comeback-from-retirement release "Kingdom Come" which was a flop according to many critics and Jigga fans.

According to

American Gangster has been slated for a Nov. 6 release, following the opening of the identically monikered Oscar-bait movie on Nov. 2.

But while the album will be released in conjunction with the Denzel Washington-Russell Crowe flick, it will be separate from the film's official soundtrack. Instead, Jay-Z says his opus will be a complement, featuring a "musical journey and lyrical interpretation" of the flick, which centers on the true story of New York drug kingpin turned informant Frank Lucas.

"It was like I was watching the film, and putting it on pause, and giving a backstory to the story," he told the New York Times, adding that he began work on his first concept album after being particularly moved by an early screening of the movie. "Watching that film, it brought back all these memories. It took me back to those emotions."

The emcee has so far completed nine tracks, each inspired by a specific scene in the movie. Titles include "No Hook" and "Blue Magic," which was produced by Pharrell and will serve as the first single.

Already Jay has a track circulating the internet called "Blue Magic" which is produced by Pharrell Williams and has a laid back gritty beat with Jay's usual lyrical skills lacing it. Hopefully Jay will have some top notch producers on board in addition to Pharrell for this new album. Let's hope for Kanye, Timbaland, 9th Wonder and maybe even DJ Premiere or Swizz Beats on this album. Long live Hova!

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