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Monday, September 24, 2007

Perez Hilton's Double Standard

It's amazing that a guy can get paid $8,000 a month just to make fun of celebrities on a blog/website. Enter the world of ironically named, Perez Hilton. While its amazing that someone can pull this sort of loot just for blogging sarcastically about the stars, its equally amazing that people want to read it. Not only that, but Perez manages to set himself up for the double standard, as he puts himself into the public eye on MTV's "Celebrity Rap Superstar".

The basis of the MTV show, is yet another American Idol style show, yet this time it involves "celebrities" (term used loosely) as well as famous rapstar coaches who help them try to be rappers. Among the celebrities are Jason from MTV's "The Hills"/"Laguna Beach", Kendra Wilkinson (from Playboy fame) and Pedro (from Napoleon Dynamite). Their coaches include "Wild Thing" rapper Tone Loc, Too Short, Redman, Bubba Sparxxx and MC Lyte. The rapstar coaches help the superstars prepare for a performance each week. Afterwards, a panel of 3 judges (also rappers), critique their performances. One star is eliminated weekly, with fans voting on who stays or goes.

And now back to Perez Hilton, who is also amongst the "celebs" trying to be rappers on this new reality game show. Perez puts up various paparazzi pictures on his site and then adds in white scribbly lines and drawings. An example is the recent "I'm an Idiot" OJ Simpson picture he had, or his discussions of Britney's drug problems, Christina Aguilera's prengant look or countless other gossipy bits he posts. Now granted on the internet, everyone has an opinion and can voice it, thanks to the advances in online media. But for Perez to criticize celebrities and then throw a tantrum on the above mentioned gameshow, seems to set up a double standard.

It's one thing to critcize and ridicule various celebrities, but another to make a fool of yourself and act like a spoiled brat on TV. The question becomes, how does Perez have room to criticize, if he in fact acts this way in the public light? Then again, controversy can help sell and drive most products these days, and the site thrives on it. And these days just about anyone can be a star, just look at the "leave Britney alone" guy on YouTube..

View a full video of the recent "Celebrity Rap Superstar" episode, including Perez' antics and berating of the MTV staff.

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