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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hi-Tek, Wu-Tang & Luda Music Wu Tang 8 Diagram Mitape Logo

Some new flavor to check out around the internet from the likes of Ludacris, producer Hi-Tek and the infamous Wu-Tang Clan.

Ludacris has a new track on his Myspace featuring Rick Ross and UGK called "Down in the Dirty" which you can hear streaming there.

There's also Hi-Tek's site which has a preview track from the upcoming Hi-Teknology 3 album. The track is "Piano" featuring Raekwon and Ghostface Killa.

Then there's a few mixtape style albums you can download for free, and legally. First up is Wu-Tang Clan's 8 Diagram Mixtape, which is like a prelude to their December 11th album, 8 Diagrams. Then there's the mixtape, "Bishop Lamont and Black Milk's 'Caltroit'" available for free download as well. Enjoy!

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