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Monday, November 05, 2007

2 Dogs Walk into an Airport

It seems like a bit of a fizzle broke out on the way through the air pizzle. Rapper Snoop Dogg and his entourage were in the UK airport just trying to have a good time. Snoop was hamming it up with kids showing them dance moves, including the Crip walk. He also was chillin in a Toy Store with a future Scott Storch playing the toy Xylophone. For some reason there was some hatin going on at the departure Gate with a bunch of cops and a lot of pushing. Last thing you want to do is rile up a Dogg. Check out the TMZ video of all the fun here.

Speaking of Dogs, that other Dog, the Bounty Hunter Duane Chapman made a return trip to the Los Angeles airport as seen here. This dog was a bit more quiet and reserved at the airport, as he's dealing with the controversy of his use of the "N" word in a taped conversation with his son, Tucker. His Bounty Hunter show has been yanked off the air on A&E. Duane Chapman will appear on Larry King Live this Wednesday on CNN.

Speaking of the N word, Nas has named his controversial new album that, and decided to take a historic look at past rap albums with the N word.

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