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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Transformers DVD Review

Transformers Movie DVD

According to Optimus Prime (head of the Autobots), the human race and planet earth contain "more than meets the eye". Luckily, he's on our side. So what do you get when you add to Planet Earth an alien race of robots capable of transforming and disguising themselves as cars, boomboxes and fighter jets? You get Transformers the movie of course.

Based on the popular series of toys, television shows and comic books, director Michael Bay brings the large robotic warriors to life in this heavily CGI-driven film. The premise is that a special power source cube has fallen deep to the Earth back in the 1930's. Amazingly, a scientist made a discovery of the power source buried in the deep depths of the ice covered Arctic region. Unluckily, he also discovers the evil leader of the Decepticons down there with it, known as Megatron. We of course are fast-forwarded to present day for this movie, as Shilo Balif plays the grandson of this explorer, Sam Witwicky. Sam becomes a key figure in the battle that ensues between the Autobots (good Transformers) and Decepticons (bad Transformers), both of which have sent their robotic forces to Earth to recover this powerful item. The Autobots are lead by the legendary, Optimus Prime, an 18 wheeler red and blue truck that transforms into a tall robotic warrior. Decepticons are lead by the likes of Megatron and Starscream (an impressive fighter jet). Both sides come down to earth to duke it out with one another for the power source and of course the humans start to get involved and in the way.

Sam of course falls for a girl and a car in this movie, both of which are integral in the plot. Megan Fox plays his hot, seemingly unattainable love interest, Mikaela. The two set out on a fast and furious mission to aid the Autobots, elude authorities and the Decepticons. Of course you have your army soldier GI-Joe types with Josh Duhamel and Tyrese leading the battle against the robots, and you have comedic relief from the likes of Anthony Anderson (a computer hacker type) and Bernie Mac (a car salesman). Shia himself lends quite a few laughs to the movie and his career looks very promising as he is set to star in the 4th Indiana Jones installment next summer. Jon Voight plays the token Defense Secretary type, calling orders and shots all movie long.

While the movie is entertaining, its strength and weakness seem to lie in the CGI. As a longtime fan of the Transformers, I found some of the Autobot vs Decepticon battles to be confusing to watch, as they seemed to be a meshing of metal and explosions. I can only imagine what those who don't know an Autobot from a Decepticon would think trying to decipher it. I also felt it stole a bit of its later bits from Independence Day, but overall it has creativity and CGI pushed the movie to the next level. Transformers won MTV Movie award for "Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet" and saw Shia take home a Teen Choice award for his breakout performance. Overall this is a fun, action packed movie thanks to the comedic bits from many of the actors in it, has strong performances from its young star, Shia, and features some of the most kickass CGI you'll see in a film this side of the Matrix.

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