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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jay-Z to Tell Stories On VH1

Jay-Z's new album "American Gangster" is set to drop November 6th, just under 2 weeks. From there Jay will be touring to promote the new album, and part of that will include a November 8th appearance on "VH1 Storytellers".

According to

Jay-Z, who is releasing his new album of original music AMERICAN GANGSTER on November 6th has just taped VH1 Storytellers, which airs on November 8th!

The feature will see Jay-Z perform 8 songs from the new album that include:

1. "Pray"
2. "Dreamin'"
3. "Roc Boys"
4. "Sweet"
5. "Party Life"
6. "I Know"
7. "Fallin'"
8. "Blue Magic"

Ihere's two great stories worth checking out about Jay-Z.

The Book of Jay in Rolling Stone

The King of Rap, Jay-Z Has Built A Billion-Dollar Business (60 Minutes Story)
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