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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That Time I Saw G-Unit in Rome

Lloyd Banks of G-Unit

Young Buck of G-Unit

Several years ago I was on a wonderful, yet short trip to the very historic and scenic travel location, Rome, Italy. During the trip I saw the Colosseum, the Vatican, St. Peter's Square, The Mouth of Truth, the Spanish Steps and oh yes, even the history making G-Unit!

It must have been a bit of a "right place at the right time" situation for me. I decided to leave my group and hunt for the LaCoste store down the big shopping street near Spanish Steps. I went up and down the street seeing stores like Coach, Burberry and Prada, but never found LaCoste. So I ended up walking back towards the Spanish Steps. Then I noticed a huge crowd gathered around the front of the Prada store. Being inquisitive I went over to see what the commotion was for. I noticed several big guys standing in front of the store, and a guy wearing expensive jewelry sitting down on some steps near them. Upon further inspection I realized it was none other than Young Buck from G-Unit. I quickly used my digi cam to snap the second pic shown above.

Just then I noticed the big guys had something in common, they were wearing G-Unit t-shirts. So these were the bodyguards. And then suddenly, who emerges from inside the store, but none other than Lloyd Banks. I didn't get the best pic of Banks, just a side shot. He wasn't posing for pics or chatting with fans, and amazingly many of the crowd members were not from America. An Italian guy asked me who these people were and I told him "G Unit, rap group, New York". It makes you wonder why a crowd forms around people if they don't know who they are looking at or why.

This trip was several years ago and I guess it makes sense now that these guys were in Italy for the "Window Shopper" music video that 50 Cent was shooting around there. The other interesting fact, I believe at the time they were both on probation for gun charges back here in the states, yet somehow they get to visit Rome. The life of a rap star :)

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