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Friday, November 16, 2007

Jay-Z #1, Switch to Euros?

Jay-Z Rocafella Def Jam

It's funny how times change. The BBC has a new article up discussing Jay-Z's use of a suitcase full of Euros in his latest video, "Blue Magic". The article mentions the fact that supermodel Gisele Bundchen also favors Euros and that the Euro is worth $1.4752 as the US dollar has been ticking off historic lows. So it's quite possible rappers are making a switch to Euro Euro bills yall.

In other Jigga news, he's scored his 10th #1 album with "American Gangster". He's tied with Elvis for that mark, and only the Beatles have sold more #1 albums. Jay opted not to sell AG on iTunes which makes the feat even more impressive. Hova also recently bought British designer Scott Langton's luxury clothing brand Artful Dodger for $15 million. There's no word if he payed in dollars, Euros or just wrote a check.

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