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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Too Short on Dog, Jay-Z on Publicity

Too Short
Rapper Too Short weighed in on the whole Bounty Hunter controversy at The rapper says context is everything as you can use the "F" word to imply someone's the greatest person on the earth or that you hate them. Short says the same goes with the "N" word and Chapman basically was using it in a hateful way. Watch the Too Short 1:36 video at here.

Jay-Z's recent "American Gangster" is a nice return-to-form album for the rapper and he has been promoting it on various shows. Jigga was on this past week's "VH1 Storytellers" and performed 8 songs from the album, also providing commentary about how he each song was crafted. It's worth a view over at Storytellers.

Jay also appeared on Charlie Rose's PBS interview show and it appears that it was taped some time ago, or doesn't need writers. Jay spoke about how he was inspired to do this album, gave some history of the various songs and spoke about Diddy executive producing it. Check out footage at

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