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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Compton Tries to Ban Suge

suge knight

Looks like the city of Compton doesn't want Suge Knight and other Mob Pirus gathering in one of its northeast neighborhoods. The city has moved to ban them from meeting there, but several local residents are fighting the move. The Mob Pirus are known by rap fans due to their association with Suge and Death Row records for years now. Even Tupac said in an interview once he doesn't have to worry about embarassing anyone because everyone fears Suge. That's causing concern from the city officials who want to keep crime rates low.

Suge has mentioned that he's now a businessman and not a gangster or mobster. Suge also states he isn't even a resident of Compton anymore and the injunction names people already in jail, as well as one deceased man.

According to

"The proposed ban will put the breaks on gangsters congregating in the areas of Bullis Road on the west, Pine Street on the north, Thorson Avenue on the east and Rosecrans Avenue on the south.

Gang members will be fined $1000, or thrown in jail for throwing up gang signs, carrying weapons, drinking alcohol or fighting in public, spray-painting graffiti, and are expected to be off the streets by 10 p.m."

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Comments on "Compton Tries to Ban Suge"


Blogger Shelia said ... (1/26/2008 11:19 PM) : 

I can respect the intent of this law, and hope that if passed police officers would enforce it. However, I grew up in Los Angeles and spent many days in Compton. The people who are to be affected by this ban really could care less and unless the City of Compton PD has changed dramatically, I don't see it making a great difference.


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