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Friday, January 25, 2008

Why Meet the Spartans?

Meet the Spartans 2008

After seeing Date Movie, I decided that Epic Movie would not be in my best interest. Don't get me wrong I love spoof movies. In fact many people hate on Scary Movie 3 which I thought offered some hilarious mockeries of 8 Mile, Signs, Sixth Sense and the White House. It really seems that with Epic Movie and now the latest entry, Meet the Spartans, they are trying too hard to spoof.

Looking at the previews originally told me that this movie was a spoof of 300
and Stomp the Yard. I wasn't sure why it was necessary for 1 movie. Upon recent advertisements shown, it looks like it also spoofs Rambo, Shrek, Britney Spears, Spiderman 3, Donald Trump, American Idol and a billion other things. It's almost as if Saturday Night Live and Mad TV were thrown into a blender. I'm all for a good laugh but these recent spoof-fests seem to be trying too hard. Not only that, but it appears as if these are the only roles Carmen Electra is being given nowadays. The poor girl hit superstar status with Baywatch, and now is reduced to starring in these movies.

The main point here is that when you throw a bunch of random spoof material together, it's not going to make for much of a movie. There's no central concept, plot or story, so it makes you wonder how funny it will be. I say if you want a good spoof movie, refer to the Naked Gun series or the first three Scary Movies. Even Airplane. But the new stuff that is being force fed to ADHD audiences has got to go.

View the official Meet the Spartans website here. View the movie itself which will cost you about $10 and over 1 hour of your time, at your own risk..

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