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Monday, January 21, 2008

Foxy Brown Wants Hearing

Foxy, holla if ya hear me...According to, imprisoned rapper Foxy Brown is pleading with a judge to release her from prison early. She was sentenced in October 2006 to three years probation after assaulting two nail salon stylists over a $20 manicure. Now while in jail, she's claiming that her hearing is in danger of becoming worse if she is made to sit behind bars rather than being treated.

According to, Foxy wrote:

"I ask you to please take into consideration that my health is in jeopardy," Brown wrote in a four-page handwritten letter to Judge Melissa Jackson. The letter was part of an appeal filed late on Tuesday at New York State Supreme Court.

"Yes, I've made some bad choices and stupid mistakes. But please understand that sitting in a prison with murderers and criminals is not rehabilitating or what I need to deal with my inner issues."

Foxy's real name is Inga Marchand (age 29) and she had surgery in January of 2006 to implant an electronic device in her right ear. It was used to reverse "profound hearing loss". The doctor who successfully treated the ear problem said if her hearing is further damage it will affect not just her hearing but her rapping/singing as well. The doctor claims it will impact her ability to maintain her rapping and livelihood. According to, Supreme Court Justice Melissa Jackson is asking for more info about Foxy's hearing impairment before she will release her for further medical care.

If they can let Paris out so fast over a medical issue, why not Foxy? As of right now, there's no official word yet if Foxy will be having any "hearing"...

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