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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Run DMC - Kings of Rap

RUN DMC rap music

Run DMC: Kings of Rap

Run DMC is the reason for the mainstream success of rap today. Together with Beastie Boys they really started to bring hip hop and rap music onto the radio airwaves, into music videos and into mainstream pop culture. The group consisted of two emcees; Daryl "DMC" McDaniels and Joseph "Run" Simmons; and 1 DJ: Jason "Jam=Master Jay" Mizell. Run is of course related to famous Hip Hop mogul, Russell Simmons, a founding father of Def Jam Records. Run DMC the group definitely spawned a movement in hip hop to wear Adidas, gold rope chains and Kangol hats as well. Their hit records caught the attention of many and began to introduce rap more to society.

Run DMC's 1986 album, Raising Hell was a tape that stayed on play in many walkmens back in the day, and set made records as the most sold rap album of all-time (back then). It contained several hit songs such as: "My ADIDAS", "Peter Piper", and of course, "Walk This Way". They went on to have other hits as well such as the Christmas Classic, "Christmas in Hollis"; "It's Tricky", which had the memorable MTV video, "Run's House", "Mary Mary" and their comeback joint, Down with the King (featuring Pete Rock).
Run DMC also made contributions to World Wrestling Entertainment. They provided the theme song for Wrestlemania V in 1989 known as "Wrestlemania Rap". They later recorded the theme song for the team of wrestlers known was D-Generation X called "The Kings" in 1999. DMC also had a part on the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack.

The most unfortunate incident from DMC's history would have to be the loss of Jam Master Jay on October 30 2002. Jay was shot and killed by suspected drug lord Kenneth Supreme McGriff. It was a sad loss for the group as well as the hip hop music world. According to an interview Reverend Run did with Grandslam magazine, "No one will want to see Run-DMC without Jam Master Jay. Run-DMC is officially retired."

Since the unfortunate loss, DMC released a solo album in 2006 called Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll, which featured a track sampling a Harry Conwick Jr song. He is going to release an album called: "This Iz Tha Final Kut". The album will feature DJ Run, BDP, N.W.A., Kid Rock, as guests. DMC's new group, Tha All-Stars which consists of Nas, MC Ren, Jay-Z, and newcomer, Knock-Out will also be featured on the album, produced by DMC.

Run Simmons has gone on to enjoy success as a solo artist, releasing the 2006 album Distortion which featured "Mind on the Road", a song included in the Madden NFL video game. He's also a practicing reverend, and star of the MTV reality show "Run's House", which has now been on for several seasons. The show chronicles the tales of Run and his family including his 5 kids and wife.

Run DMC will forever be responsible for sparking the hip hop revolution. While some say the current level of rap has watered down the radios, Run DMC definitely had mainstream appeal and great music. The legacy of these 3 kings of Hip hop will forever live on.

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