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Saturday, March 22, 2008

I Am Legend Movie Review

Will Smith I Am Legend Movie Review So what would you do if you were the last person alive on Earth after a virus wiped out most of the population? That's the role Will Smith has, or thinks he has in the new movie DVD release called I Am Legend (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition). It's a sci-fi/suspense/thriller starring Smith, a German shepherd, some well-trained mannequins and a lot of CGI.

The movie is set in New York City and comes just 3 years after scientists have finally discovered a cure for Cancer. However, the cure also sets forth a deadly virus which becomes airborne. It kills off most of the world's population and contaminates the rest, turning them into blood-thirsty zombies. Will Smith is the sole survivor, and survival is his daily chore as is finding a cure to the virus. He goes out into the city by daylight and returns home at night to hide out from the "other survivors".

That's the basis of I Am Legend's plot. Some may find it to be too short a movie, since it runs just 1 1/2 hours, but it's got enough action, surprises and jump-out-of-your-chair scenes to keep viewers into it. Many fans of the original movie and book by Richard Matheson have already criticized the remake, but it's worth watching for the hour and a half as Will Smith always turns in good performances in Sci-Fi movies (Independence Day, MIB). Add in a well-trained dog/sidekick and blood hungry zombies for Will Smith to run from and blast away at, and you have yourself a great action DVD rental from Netflix or Blockbuster.

I Am Legend (Widescreen Two-Disc Special Edition with Digital Copy)

I Am Legend (Widescreen Single-Disc Edition)

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