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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mariah Carey's Mansion (Apartment)

You may remember an episode of MTV Cribs a few years ago which displayed Mariah Carey in her spacious New York apartment. The pop diva gave a tour of her home as she changed into various short skirts and lingerie. Mariah gave the tour, worked out briefly on a stairstepper in her gym and even took a bubble bath to relax as she showed off her place.

Now AOL Home offers a peek at Mariah's newly completed spacious triplex in Tribeca which is a throwback to the "Hollywood era". The beautiful triplex was designed by mastermind Mario Buatta and includes bronze-inlaid limestone flooring, and a room just for Mariah's collection of shoes, which is an extension off the "clothes room".

According to AOL Home:

It took Buatta less than a year to turn three empty floors into digs fit for a demanding diva. His only problem was not with Carey but with her schedule, which left her little time to pause and ponder colors, fabrics and furniture. "She works very hard and travels constantly," Buatta says, "and it's difficult to get her attention for very long." When he did get it, however, there was an instant connection. He recalls that Babe Paley, goddess of high style in the fifties and sixties, said that a room needs glitter -- that a room without it is like a woman without jewelry, incomplete. Mariah Carey's rooms pass the Paley test. Her triplex has as many sparklers as Tiffany's. "Most clients don't understand glitter," says Buatta. "Mariah does."

So the diva who once dared to dream, sang about how she would "Make it Happen" and now enjoys the fruits of her labor; a spacious pad in the heart of New York City. Read the entire AOL Home article and peak at Mariah's crib here.

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