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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Spiderman 4, Say Hello to the Bad Guys...

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Haven't had your fill of Superhero flicks yet? Well the rumor mill continues buzzing as Spiderman 4 is in the works for 2010, and there's possibly a Spiderman 5. The current rumors from claim that Spiderman will have two villains to contend with in his fourth installment.

First up is Lizard, who will be the villain that professor Dylan Barker turns into. Barker's a recurring character in the films. You may remember Barker, who was Peter Parker's college mentor/friend, a one-armed professor. The comic's storyline has Barker inject himself with a type of lizard DNA in attempt to re-grow his missing arm, but like most of the experiments in Spiderman, this one goes awry. Barker eventually becomes a villainous man/lizard who will become a challenging foe for Spidey.

And if that's not enough there's also going to be Carnage..That's the villain's name. In the comics, Carnage is Cletus Kasady a serial killer who meets Eddie Brock in prison. During their meeting, Kasady comes into contact with some of that alien "symbiote" goop that turned Brock and Parker into badass Venom in Spidey 3.

The source of all these scoops according to is

So expect more Spidey adventures to come, as well as Superman and Batman, and also a possible solo flick for Wolverine of X-Men.

Read more about Spiderman 4 at

Ebay is also holding an auction right now for one lucky person to have a meet and greet with the cast at the Sony filming location, and also that person will get to have a walk-on extra role in the film. Pretty cool, but the current bid as of this post? A cool $5,000! Check out the Ebay auction here.

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