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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Real World Hollywood Issues

Pretty Boy Greg became the first of the 2008 Real World cast to be sent home this past week. Greg was more into playing pranks on his roommates, denying that he did anything, acting better than the rest of the house, and skipping their work. Skipping work is what ultimately got him. The lady in charge said you don't show up, then you aren't part of the show. Goodbye to Greg. See you on Gauntlet, Inferno, Punk'd and Road Rules Revenge.

MTV still manages to succeed in finding the people least likely to succeed when put in a house of 6 others. The next problem the house faces is being a pal to Joey and supporting him as he's just returned home from his 30 day stint at rehab. While it was nice of MTV to send him to see Dr. Drew for a month, did they really expect the roommates to accommodate a "less drinking & partying policy"? The latest episode not only covered Greg's dismissal from Hollywood, but Joey's attempts to grip with his problems while living in a home of party animals. Give credit to brunette roommate Sarah who's stuck by Joey so far. She's the "goodie goodie" of the bench with a boyfriend back home and a bible near her bed.

But you've gotta hand it to the producers of the show, again. What better setting to teach us that the "real world" is full of jerks, alcoholics, addicts, fighters and people baring it all for fame than Hollywood itself? The house is full of aspiring actors, musicians, entertainment reporters, strippers and MMA champs, so once again some stars will be born.

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