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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

VH1's Reality Celebs Love Money

The latest in reality show battle-style game shows has kicked off with VH1's "I Love Money". In the tradition of Survivor, Fear Factor, Road Rules/Real World challenges and multiple other reality celeb game shows, "I Love Money" offers a shot at big prize money. This show features reality celebs who are pulled from the I Love New York, Flavor of Love and Rock of Love various seasons.

Notable cast members include Mr. Boston, Whiteboy and Midget Mac from I Love New York seasons, as well as Hoopz, Toastee and Pumkin from Flavor of Love. Representing Rock of Love are Brandi, Rodeo and Megan among several others.

On the first episode, the challenge involved competition where the guys wore Speedos. Money was grabbed, in the form of pesos and Hoopz and Whiteboy were the top winners. They became team captains and each picked teammmates back and forth until 1 person was left, to be eliminated. Midget Mac refused to partake in the challenge and subsequently was sent home from the show. It's a shame because Mac is one of the more interesting and out of control characters on the show, but according to the upcoming previews there's plenty of drama to come...

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