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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

VH1/MTV Keepin It Reality

With the recent end of Real World Hollywood on MTV, there's still plenty of reality TV on the music TV channels to keep us all "Buzzin". Swayze and his partner in rhyme Sisco Adler are part of that new show on MTV. The show already has seen the rap star partying in Phoenix for the Superbowl, then heading to a court date by Hum V the next day, a 7 hour trip. Their manager was less than pleased and it seems like the older father figure will be the focus of each episode, reprimanding the young stars for their "irresponsible actions".

VH1 offers even more in the way of reality it seems. The latest shows are of course "I Love Money", "Brooke Knows Best" and "I Want to Work for Diddy". Brooke Knows Best seems like a poor spinoff of the Hogan series, and an attempt for Brooke to get the singing career in gear. However, the show's seen little in the way of singing or her career, and more in the way of partying, beach bummin' and hot tub use. Work for Diddy will be coming in early August, and seems to be an even more intense and perhaps abusive "Apprentice". Contestants will vie for a spot to be Diddy's personal assistant, carrying an umbrella like previous helper, Fonzworth Bentley.

Bentley isn't doing bad himself right now as he hosts the compelling "From G's to Gents" show on MTV. Contestants there look to do whatever it takes to become a Gentleman. They learn proper etiquette, attire, and how to respect themselves. Within the first few episodes, there's already been plenty of mayhem and drama but no body count yet. Self-described gangsters, goons and goblins all have a shot at a big prize of $100,000 so they better get their manners on.

"I Love Money" has also offered plenty of interesting moments and drama, and humor. From Midget Mac's inability to get off a boat in water, to Mr. Boston's breakdown in tears, to the hot bikini-clad women such as Hoopz, Megan and Brandi C. The game has gotten ugly already as contestants really want that $250,000. Either way they get another shot at reality TV and perhaps their own show down the line. Boston, Midget Mac and a few others seem ready for the spotlight.

Catch Brooke Knows Best and I Love Money on Sunday nights, with G's to Gents on Tuesdays and Buzzin on Wednesdays.

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