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Monday, November 03, 2008

50 Cent's Reality: The Money & The Power

cartoon 50 cent rapper He's got the rap albums, platinum plaques, video games, radio show, special Vitamin water, sneakers, Mike Tyson's former mansion and private helicopter. So what's next for the rap star who has it all? A reality TV show of course! This Thursday marks MTV's premiere episode of 50 Cent's stab (no pun intended) at reality television. The new show called "The Money and the Power" airs Thursday November 6th at 10 PM EST. In the tradition of Trump's "The Apprentice" and Diddy's "I Wanna Work For Diddy", 50 will be running his own contest to test the business savvy and street smarts of contestants. Here's a brief synopsis of the show from MTV's official site:

50 Cent's looking to spread the love by handing over $100,000 of his hard-earned cash to someone he thinks will be the next big business mogul. But how's he gonna find this person? Simple. He's rounding up 14 of the country's most ambitious young entrepreneurs who have a track record of being smart, savvy and successful at playing the game. Let the quest for The Money and the Power begin!

While vying for The Money and the Power, the contestants are put through physically and mentally grueling challenges, like running through the streets of Brooklyn chained together and competing in a trash-talking contest. In the end, it comes down to street smarts vs. book smarts. And only one can prevail...

Trash talking always comes in handy in the boardroom, as does being chained to people and running through Brooklyn. Those definitely test street smarts and that toughness might translate over to a tough business sense.

50 now follows in the footsteps of Diddy and Trump, both of whom made shows similar to this. As we all know reality television dominates most channels nowadays and also provides a venue for celebrities to market their latest products and endorsements. 50's no different, so the true money and power will be all his, not necessarily the winner of this show.

See more about The Money and the Power here at

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