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Thursday, April 02, 2009

Devyn Simone - Real World Brooklyn Reunion

devyn simone real world brooklyn bikini

If you caught the Real World Brooklyn Reunion but haven't watched the latest season of the hit MTV reality show, you were introduced to the beautiful Devyn Simone. As of Thursday AM, Devyn Simone was the hottest search trend on Google, most likely with her newest fans searching for "what is Devyn Simone's phone number" or email address, or measurements. The sexy 21 year old Devyn appeared along with her former roommates Baya Voce, Chet, JD, Katelynn, Sarah, Ryan and Scott on the Brooklyn reunion show Wednesday night. As with other former guests of the Real World house, Devyn seems to have parlayed her appearance into further superstardom.

On Devyn's Myspace page you can see various photos of her modeling as well as doing TV hosting gigs and appearing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The sexy Simone was a star before even joining the reality show's cast, as she was crowned Miss Missouri Teen 2005. Devyn who is originally from Kansas City, Missouri was working in New York as a public relations director for a fashion label called Jovani. This was going on just before the season premiere. According to the final episode of the show, Devyn was going to room with her fellow castmates Scott and Baya Voce in NYC.

According to an interview Simone did earlier this year, she never finished college but instead has immersed herself in her career instead. As "The Pitch" puts it, it's like Devyn Simone was "drafted into the entertainment world".

The Pitch: It's like you got drafted, but into the entertainment world.

DS: Yeah! That's a good way to put it. It's like I got drafted. Who would turn that down? The pros say they want you, you're not going to be like, eh, let me finish. I told my parents that hopefully I won't have to. I mean, I think it's really important and I'd love to have a degree at some point, but just, in my nature, I'd so much rather be in my art than studying it. If you've got a spot, you better get in it and keep going.

Now that the Brooklyn Real World Reunion has come and gone, Devyn can officially get her career in full gear. If worst comes to worst she can always choose the career path of former Real World star, Mike Mizanin who now works as a top star with the WWE/ECW as a pro wrestler.

Check out more of Devyn Simone at her official Myspace page.

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