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Monday, February 21, 2011

Rihanna Almost Naked for 'All of the Lights' Video by Kanye West

The new Kanye West music video has arrived for his latest track, "All of the Lights." Many hip hop and music fans will be pleased to see a nearly naked Rihanna. That's right, this is Rihanna's almost nude video debut (leaked sex tapes aside).

This song, from West's album, was featured prominently almost like the official theme song of NBA All-Star Weekend 2011, and it seems to fit. Not only that, but Rihanna, who is featured on the song and in the video rocked the Halftime show in Los Angeles this weekend. After several songs, Drake showed up to help her on "What's My Name?" followed by Kanye West appearing on stage to do "All of the Lights."

The video, seen via YouTube below, was done by Hype Williams and features you guessed it, "All of the Lights," including West rocking up on a police car. Still the best lights seem to be the ones behind RiRi as she sings "want you to see everything." In a revealing black outfit, we almost do!

Check out the Kanye West video below with almost naked Rihanna, Kanye West and others featured in the chorus (Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, etc).

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