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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Baby Blue Ivy Carter Born to Beyonce & Jay-Z

The news hit late, late Saturday evening, with most people finding out Sunday morning.  Beyonce and Jay-Z have finally had their baby, the one that had been keeping the hip hop universe and gossip world on the edge of its seats.  Beyonce's baby girl was born via C-section at Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC, and officially bestowed with the name "Blue Ivy Carter."  This is apparently Jigga's favorite color, and probably has the makings of some sort of line of children's products branded after the Carter daughter.

There's been fans and haters all over Twitter, including other members of the hip hop community.  Rappers including Talib Kweli and Diddy, as well as Def Jam founder Russell Simmons all tweeted congratulations.  So did Rihanna, La Toya Jackson, The Dream, and 100's of others.  MTV has a report here on some of the hip hop community's tweets.

Of course now everyone will wait for the first pictures, videos, and words from Beyonce and Jay-Z.  Everyone will also wait to hear what the first song lyrics will be to mention their daughter.  Will it be a new Jay-Z rap line, or a song created by Beyonce declaring her love for the new life she's brought forth?  It should become much more interesting for Mr. and Mrs. Carter and Blue Ivy as 2012 continues!

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