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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Borat vs. Little Man

No contest here. "Borat" (I won't put the full 15 word long title) is now playing in theaters and is on another comedic level. You'll find enough side-splitting laughs to justify your $10 plus at the movies, plus you might even learn a thing or two about parts of our country or how people interact. Borat basically chronicles a fake Middle-Eastern reporter as he does a "documentary" about the U.S. In doing so he lands in NYC (where he pisses many off) and then begins on a roadtrip to get to Los Angeles to meet his dreamgirl. Along the way he visits many states and many "interesting" characters. Worth the watch.

"Little Man", now on DVD, is a Wayans Brothers flop. It's the tale of a smaller than a midget criminal played by Marlon Wayans, who hides a diamond in a lady's purse after a heist. He and his partner Tracy Morgan cook up the genius plan to disguise Marlon as a baby and plant him at the lady's home. He then goes through all sorts of "Home Alone" or "Child's Play" like mayhem to get the jewel back and be treated like a baby. I was surprised by how low the humor was in this film. The jokes have been done in other places so many times, that they aren't cute or funny. I almost think the movie might have been funnier if they didn't use CGI and used the small actor who Marlon's face was pasted over. In watching the deleted scenes (minus CGI) this actor was funny in a Mini-me like way, but they chose a different route. A few cameos and Tracy Morgan make some funny scenes, but you can't beat Borat if you want good laughs these days. Granted, Borat may offend you, but I guarantee you'll find something to laugh about.

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