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Friday, April 13, 2007

Run's House & Loss

An unfortunate episode to kick off the new season of MTV's "Run's House", found the Simmon's family losing its latest member. Victoria Anne Simmons died at birth on September 26, 2006 due to serious illness. Run's family was able to pull together despite tragedy and find strength in each other's comfort. The episode goes a long way to show us that even superstars aren't impervious to personal tragedies and loss. We tend to put most celebrities up on a pedestal which makes us mock them, poke fun and find reasons to basically mask jealousy of their status. But seeing personal loss you can't help but realize the superstar status doesn't mean they don't face similar issues to ourselves. Run's a pioneer from the hip hop world and you've gotta appreciate his contributions and the way he raises his family. You can't help but see that Run is one celebrity who takes the raising of family serious and imparts values upon his children. This latest episode showed that as well in that they gathered to pray and comfort one another, and that Run went to individually talk to each of his 6 children.

Rest in Peace to Victoria Anne Simmons who did not make it to this world so many take for granted.

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