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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lil' Wayne = a No Show

Apparently rap star Lil' Wayne was ready to rock the house for a North Carolina high school but chose to be absent. Wayne left about 4,000 fans a little less rich and disappointed in that they didn't get to see the concert they payed for. Wayne's concerent promoter filed a quick lawsuit over this cancellation, and the reason cited was due to not enough attendance at the New Hanover County School.


"The concert was originally canceled last month, after the New Hanover County School Board pulled the plug -- citing safety concerns.

Perhaps they were reminded of the chaos at a 2006 Morgan State University show where the rapper "made it rain" by throwing money into the crowd -- resulting in two lawsuits from injuries sustained while people scrambled for the cash."

Lil' Wayne most likely was not the winner of his own high school's "Perfect Attendance" award. Let's hope Wayne does the right thing here and refunds the money to these fans who were left waiting with no show.

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