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Sunday, October 14, 2007

TI is Arrested Before Awards

Can't a rapper just buy some weapons first and then pick up his 2 awards from the BET Hip Hop Awards show? Cops arrested the rapper TI, real name Clifford Harris, based on the fact he used a bodyguard to buy him machine guns and silencers. The cops made the big arrest just hours ago, preventing him from attending the big awards show to pick up his prizes. even has copies of the search warrant and affidavit. It will be interesting to see how his absence is explained on the show.

T.I is a convicted felon so he was basically using his bodyguard to make the weapons buys for him. According to the authorities, TI's bodyguard admitted to buying the rapper about 9 firearms in the past. The bodyguard bought 17 firearms for others. Since the bodyguard fessed up and made a deal, the feds were able to move in and arrest T.I. (source:

Well this should give Bill O'Reilly something new to talk about in rap besides Ludacris. Congrats to TI for the 2 awards, but the multiple weapons he picked up beforehand really ruined the honor.

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