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Friday, October 12, 2007

iPhone or B'Phone?

Jay-Z's main squeeze, Beyonce exposed the latest gadget in her entrepreneurial arsenal, the B'Phone. The phone is a collab effort between Beyonce and Samsung and will be sold at Wal Mart stores starting November 4th. The question will be which sells more copies, Beyonce's cool new phone, or Jay-Z's cool new album?

According to

"When the phone boots, a special Beyonce-styled start-up screen will display. We're not sure if this is a picture of Beyonce herself, or some screen that Beyonce has chosen. Also, there are special pictures of Beyonce. Then, you get a song that Beyonce recorded when she was 10 years old. Seriously, 10 years old. Oh, and the phone says "Beyonce" across the top, in case you missed it. "

See Beyonce's phone promo pics at Beyonce Promotes Her New B’Phone

Also Jay-Z's "Blue Magic" video has began airing on BET.

The song produced produced by and featuring Pharrell in the chorus offers a slower beat with throbbing drums and Jay's usual high level of lyrical dexterity. "Blue Magic" is the first release of Jay's upcoming "American Gangster" album.

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