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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jigga the American Gangster

The Jay-Z "American Gangster" album is shaping up to be possibly one of the hotter(st) releases of the year, since Common's "Finding Forever" and Kanye West's "Graduation". A few tracks have already surfaced around the net including "Blue Magic", "Dead Presidents 3" and my personal fave "Roc Boys". Roc Boys features an uptempo horn-laced beat and catchy verses from the Jigga man himself. Some of the hottest cuts on the album are said to come from the Diddy man. The upcoming album seems to be on point because Jay also called on Pharrell Williams, No I.D., DJ Toomp, Just Blaze and Jermaine Dupri to help out with production. Only two guest rappers drop along with Jigga on the album, fellow Roc alum, Beanie Sigel and all-time legend and recent Def Jam signee, Nas.

So what's got Hova the great so inspired for this project? The upcoming film starring Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe and several rappers such as Common, RZA and T.I. The movie “American Gangster” is directed by Ridley Scott and shows the real-life story of Frank Lucas, a 1970s heroin smuggler from Harlem, New York.'s article sheds some light:

"but the film brought back memories of when Jay lived a more disreputable lifestyle. As portrayed by Washington, the movie's real-life subject, Frank Lucas, possessed a laid-back demeanor, drive and business acumen that Hov could relate to. So, he decided to make an album that filled in some of the scenes and emotions that Jay felt he wanted to see in the film, but for one reason or another didn't make it to the big screen." (Source:

There's mixed reviews behind the scenes about the quality of Jay's next album but judging from the tracks offered up around the web so far this one sounds like it will trump "Kingdom Come" and possibly be the top release from rap this year. The album is slated for release early November (as is the film American Gangster), but as many know, rap albums often get pushed back. Stay tuned.

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Pre-Order or Order Jay-Z's "American Gangster".

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