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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lupe's "Fiascogate"

Lupe Fiasco The Cool
Lupe Fiacso was part of the recent VH1 Hip Hop Honors show as he performed or attempted to perform a verse on the Tribe Called Quest classic "Electric Relaxation". Apparently the rapper messed up his part on the song, forgetting the lyrics. A confusion occurred because people thought Lupe had gone as far to say that he even bumped MC Hammer's stuff way more than Tribe's back in the day. Complete craziness, but those comments preceded his mess up at the VH1 show.

Lupe is now suing Vibe magazine for what is being called "Fiascogate". The suit is over defamation of character based on the interview Lupe did with Vibe discussing the whole listening to MC Hammer more than Tribe when he was younger. So the two areas are unrelated but relate to Tribe, as it all seems to be putting down a legendary group which really paved the way for backpack rappers like Lupe.

Fiasco's sophomore album, "The Cool" is said to be "Coming Soon" by his website.

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