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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet Midget Mac..

The VH1 reality show "I Love New York" is a spin-off of the popular dating elimination show "Flavor of Love" which starred Flavor Flav. Even though Flav dumped New York on the final show, she had enough popularity to get her own show of the same style. On her show, her mother is part of her judging panel so that she can eventually choose the man of her dreams to share romance with. The show has entered it's 2nd season with a whole new batch of males for NY to choose from.

The current show featured about 20 male contestants including lawyers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, former NFL Players and yes, even a hype little person. "Midget Mac" is the show's resident small guy standing at just 4 feet tall. Mac is also no stranger to being foul mouthed either, in the tradition of former Geto Boys rapper, Bushwick Bill. During interviews on the show the camera shows his head at the bottom of the screen to prove he's smaller. New York took a liking to him on the first episode, but her mother warned her if she chose him she would kill New York. Midget Mac managed to survive the first elimination ceremony and received a chain. New York chose him to stay in the home due to the fact he made her laugh so much during an opening night mixer. New York's mom was not happy with this decision to say the least.

Even if Mac doesn't win this competition, it wouldn't be surprising at all to see him get the next spin-off show where he chooses his love interest from the likes of hip hop honeys, video girls and other fine women. BET, VH1 or MTV would be wise to pick that up.

Here's some fun facts about Midget Mac (from VH1's I Love New York 2):

Hometown: Florida
• Is a hype man for Young Cash
• Is 4 feet tall
• Was a navy brat
• Is a single father with two daughters
• Thinks he can do anything tall people can do, but better

Check out Midget Mac's entry video here at YouTube.

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