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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Latest on Jay-Z & Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco says that many up and coming rap stars idolize Jay-Z but not for his musical talents and accomplishments. Instead Fiasco says it's Jay's business sense that inspires many.


"Fiasco - real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco - says, "We (rappers) want to be Jay-Z, because we can be Jay-Z, and have some of the same lyrics as Jay-Z and even be compared to Jay-Z, but what he trumps everybody with is his business sense."
"Every couple of weeks there's a new announcement of Jay-Z buying something."

Meanwhile Wu-Tang rapper Raekwon has a different take on things. He believes Jay-Z and Kanye West have lost their musical presence because they've lost their connection with the hood.


"Raekwon claims they are missing out on a whole generation of hip-hop enthusiasts, because their wealth and success has alienated them from ordinary people.

He says, "A lot of street people don't put stock in them anymore because they aren't doing enough to excite anyone. (They should) Come back to the hood and drop $100,000."

Jay has released a live version of the song "Pray" on the Rocafella website. It's his second single from the American Gangster album, but owners of the album will notice a difference in the track. Jigga is also dealing with verbal attacks from both Joe Budden and Peedi Crack. Lupe Fiasco is planning to release his next music video from "The Cool" on the internet in a viral marketing campaign. From

Fiasco's follow-up video to "Superstar" is going to be a low-budget affair and head straight to cyberspace. After that, he said some exec at Atlantic records is going to sign off on a big check for the next clip.

"We're shooting a lot of videos," he promised. "The next viral record is gonna be 'Hip-Hop Saved My Life.' We're gonna leak that to [the Net]. The next main video is gonna be 'Paris, Tokyo.' Were planning a huge, big, kinda exotic, grandiose production for that. That'll probably come in February."...

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