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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where are They Now? - Digital Underground

Alright stop what you're doin, cuz I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to...

Those were the famous opening words from Digital Underground's hit song The Humpty Dance which still remains a classic to this very day. Remember that pulsating beat and the crazy lyrics? There was also that funky fresh video to match it. I also remember their hit songs, "Dowatchalike", "Same Song" from whatever that movie was with Demi Moore and Dan Akroyd (we all didn't see), and "No Nose Job" which isn't on Ashley Tisdale's iPod right now.

It got me wondering what happened to these guys. They released just those few tracks and of course launched Tupac's famous career. They consisted of Humpty Hump, Shock G, DJ Nu-Stylez, Money B and of course the late 2Pac. On their website they also list out Element, Metaphysical, Binc and FunkCyco as group members. According to Wikipedia they still do tours, and it's been rumored that they may be making a new album in 2008?

It looks like Shock G's still at it because he released a solo album entitiled "Fear of a Mixed Planet" a few years ago. You can check out a few select tracks from it at his Myspace page.

It would be great to see these guys making new music, but then again I've been pulling for a Tribe Called Quest reunion for several years now..Time will tell if either of these groups reunite for the sake of hip hop..

See The Humpty Dance rap lyrics.

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