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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bring on the Gauntlet!

mtv gauntlet challenge

One of my favorite reality TV shows is easily the Gauntlet and Inferno challenges they run on MTV. These programs showcase not only a ton of bleeped out expletives, gratuitous hook-ups and violence, but the healthy spirit of high-intensity competition. It's basically survival of the fittest at its finest.

MTV has began to air yet another Gauntlet challenge this year. It features a mixture of characters from the Real World, Road Rules, as well as former Gauntlets and challenges. There's plenty of household names and newcomers to make a name for themselves. The favorites on the show tend to be the loud mouth bullies. CT is the cocky guy from Massachusetts who tries to out-shout his opponents, but never outclasses them For the women you have the likes of Beth who nobody seems to like and Coral, who is the female loudmouth bully. The current show's format features the Veterans vs. the Rookies. Other challenges have been men vs. women type battles. With this sort of format, it creates plenty of strategy and plotting, and scheming.

What's fun about these shows is seeing the alliances, backstabbing and attempts to make each others' opponents look stupid. I've never watched CBS Survivor too much, but this show definitely takes things to a high level of dramatic intensity. Bravo to MTV for continuing to do these shows because it's one of the more entertaining (non-music) shows they air. If you're gonna do reality, make it the brutal in your face type reality like the kids from Road Rules, Real World and the challenges do.

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