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Monday, March 03, 2008

Who's Snoop Gonna Call?

Ghostwriters...The Snoop song "Sensual Seduction" definitely caught me off guard, because it offers Snoop singing it, rather than rapping. I'm all for rappers trying new things, but not sure if that's quite the way Snoop wants to go. It's still been a catchy, somewhat popular song so far. However, it wasn't written by Snoop.

According to

In the current issue of XXL magazine, Snoop, “the only m------a that can do porno, coach football and have a cooking show”, openly admitted to having others write songs for him on his forthcoming album, Ego Trippin.

“I was watching Diana Ross get inducted into a Hall of Fame, and she got up there and named all of these great songwriters. Her biggest songs were written by somebody else,” Snoop says about the switch. “So I’m thinking, Wow, there’s nothing wrong with my pen, but I’m going to let other people write for me.”

The revelation may come as a shock to fans of the Dogg Father, but fans may be shocked further upon learning that one of the most creative songs to hit radio in some time, "Sensual Seduction", is one of the tracks Snoop didn’t pen himself.

Snoop further adds in the interview, that he's really not into rapping quite as much as he used to be. Surprise, surprise, but this is the way other rap stars such as Ice T, Ice Cube and Will Smith have gone as well. Rapper turned actor, producer, little league coach and TV show star. Snoop's got the future mapped out, and it's definitely looking a lot different than his Death Row days when he was facing murder charges and rapping about them.

Read more about Snoop's ghostwriting and XXL interview here.

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