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Friday, May 02, 2008

Iron Man, Miss London & Rapper Supreme

iron man movie poster On Friday May 2nd the blockbuster movie and latest Marvel comics superhero release "Iron Man" finds its way into theaters across the nation. Many fans of comic books are eager to see the new sci-fi/action/fantasy flick which is about Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr), a man who's seriously injured and invents a special mechanical/robotic type suit for himself. The movie has been pushed a lot on television ads and even has taken over the Myspace theme today. While Iron Man should be the #1 film this weekend, those profiting from the movie fear it may be hurt by a recent video game released.

The popular Grand Theft Auto title was just released on the 29th of April and the makers/producers and other folks behind Iron Man feel that fans of the movie will generally be fans of the latest video game (GTA IV). So which will win? Expect Iron Man to still top the box office. It may lose a bit of its opening weekend dollars to avid gamers, locked in their rooms for the weekend to jack cars, elude cops and cause mayhem on Xbox and Playstation. Conan O'Brien has a funny take on the latest installment of the movie here. Also, in case you can't make it to the theater for the new Marvel movie, see Iron Man in 3 minutes at

Lauren London is one of the MC's Music Notes Hip Hop Honeys and Complex magazine has a recent interview with her. The twist is this interview was done by alt-rocker Travis Barker. In the interview Lauren discusses some of her all-time favorite things including "No-Name Jeans" which she wore in high school to make her booty look bigger. She told a guy who asked that they were the brand "Unique Boutiques", a name she made up. Read the interview with Miss London here.

Complex also takes a look at Miss Rapper Supreme, the latest show to hit VH1. In the tradition of "The White Rapper Show" this features females competing to be the next rapper. Amongst the competitors are Rece Steele, Nicky2states, Lady Twist, Ms. Cherry and Byata. If none of these girls become rappers they could definitely brand themselves into liquors at the club or some new candy. See Complex' feature story on the show here.

Finally, if you're looking for some presidential humor mixed with classic rap albums, check out Complex Magazine's "Presidential Rap-Up"!

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