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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama's Victory & Starpower

And with that, Barack Obama won the 2008 Election, capturing traditionally Republican states and connecting with Americans on all levels. Obama had the charming personality, was portrayed as a down-to-earth family man, and the type of guy concerned with truly helping the nation's poor.

Obama also had the star power and backing of many well-known celebrities or personalities. Oprah Winfrey made it no secret that she was backing her fellow Chicagoan. When Oprah talks, her fanbase listens. Whether it's buying the latest Echart Tolle book or cosmetic product, Oprah nation responds. Oprah threw a big expensive bash for Obama and most likely conveyed his message to her millions of fans.

Warren Buffet is yet another big name who came out and backed Obama. When the nation's facing economic crisis, having the biggest financial pundit on the planet in your corner always helps. Let's hope now that Buffet will give Obama advice on how to proceed with fixing the economic mess.

Jay-Z and Lebron James were also supporters of Barack, and that always helps sway the young, hip voters. You'd have to believe that fellow Chicagoans, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Common had Barack's back as well. Overall, Obama had a sort of MTV/Internet campaign that John McCain just couldn't match. His cool personality came through in everything from the Obama girl's sexy music video to's star-studded "Yes We Can" B&W video. Obama appeared on WWE's Monday Night Raw (as did McCain and Hilary) in pre-recorded video messages. He even had ads placed in video games. When Colin Powell came forth to say he endorsed Obama that may have ssent an extra surge of votes Barack's way as well.

John McCain had the support of Ric Flair (former WWE) and Joe the Plumber. So with that sort of lackluster star power fighting the power of Barack, McCain knowingly admitted that he gave his all but just couldn't compete.

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