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Friday, December 12, 2008

Kanye Leaving Music for Fashion?

Recent reports have surfaced say rapper Kanye West is planning to move to London, England where he will partake in an apprenticeship at a fashion house. Kanye reportedly wants to learn the fashion game so he can make his move into that as his new career. He's been working on his own clothing line, Pastelle, for some time now, but has never officially released it.

According to the reports, Ye's applied to several leading fashion firms in Europe including the Louis Vutton headquarters in London. It's doubtful the well-known rap celeb's applications would get turned down. The fashion world typically unites itself with star power and having a name like Kanye West associated with any fashion brand name will only make it "Stronger".

According to, Kanye made the following comment:

West says, "I'm going to go and take an internship and just do something that's like completely normal 00 and just rap on the weekends or something."

In other Kanye news, the rapper's set to appear on Saturday Night Live 12/13/08 to promote his new 808's album, which has received less than stellar reviews. West has also been quoted on his Kanye University blog as saying he will wait some time between releasing singles off the album to let the music sink in more...He also hinted the next single from his album, '808s and Heartbreak', will be either 'Robocop' or 'Paranoid'. Let's start the petition for Kanye to give us another album, this time full of the colorful raps and catchy tracks that made his music great.

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